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The Skills Platform is closing down

4 January 2024

We regret to announce that effective Thursday 14th March 2024, the Skills Platform website will be closed down and replaced with a new shopping experience on the… Read More

A brief history of phlebotomy

9 February 2023

We all experience blood being taken at some point in our lives, but what you might not know is how the person withdrawing your blood does that… Read More

Pharmacists Train Up for Post-Lockdown Demand – Free CPD Courses

25 January 2023

With restricted access to GP practices, people are turning to their local pharmacists. 56% of pharmacists have experienced increased hours. They are also expected to provide advice… Read More

The Benefits of Employer Branding – Examples and Strategies

15 November 2022

In this article, we will discuss employer branding examples, along with good strategies. Some companies try and entice a potential candidate with a large salary. But that… Read More

Fact or Myth: Setting the Record Straight on Dental Myths

22 October 2022

Working in general and specialist periodontal practices for over 25 years, Jane of Knowledge Oral Healthcare knows everything about dental care. Here she busts some common myths. Read More

What Are the Eight Principles of the Data Protection Act?

12 December 2021

The UK Data Protection Act was originally designed to protect personal data stored on computers and paper filing systems. Since then, technology has evolved substantially and so have many of the… Read More

The UK charity sector rises to the digital challenge amidst adversity and this momentum must continue

13 July 2021

More than a year on from the start of the pandemic, charities have shown innovation and agility, adapting quickly to mobilise or accelerate digital progression. Results from… Read More

New 2021 Fire Legislation Marks Another Positive Step Since Grenfell

5 July 2021

2021 marks the development of the Fire Safety Act and Building Safety Bill. The former has been approved by parliament as legislation, and the latter will come… Read More

Fire Marshal or Fire Warden? – Career Spotlight

27 May 2021

Whether you're thinking of joining the service yourself or want to know what you can expect from them as a citizen, here is a quick and dirty… Read More

Brexit, IR35 and Soft Skills: The Changing Landscape of HR and Recruitment

12 May 2021

Human Resources is a multi-faceted role that seems to be constantly shifting its area of control and influence. Here are our latest predications and insights for the… Read More

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