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Job Demands in 2021: Hiring What, Hiring Where, Hiring When

23 April 2021

The saying goes, as one door closes, another will open. Whilst some industries have been hit hard by COVID-19, others have prospered. We want to help people… Read More

Planning Your Safeguarding Policies and Procedures: Key Legislation

Recent events have clearly demonstrated that a lack of comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures can leave both you, your team and your service users vulnerable. Here we… Read More

19 April 2021

Is ADHD a Learning Disability -Understanding Neurodiversity

ADHD has long been misunderstood. Once dismissed as "naughty children", those who deal with the condition deal with a range of daily issues that they have little… Read More

9 April 2021

The Skills You Want vs The Skills Employers Need in 2021

Adzuna surveyed 1,900 UK workers between June and December 2020 and found that 6.8% of respondents ‘definitely wanted to change careers’ in 2021, 7.2% were 'considering it’… Read More

2 March 2021

FAQP Issue a COVID-19 Update For First Aid Trainers

In response to the increased prevalence of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, and the increased transmission of the new variants, the First Aid Quality Partnership (FAQP) and Health and… Read More

29 March 2021

Financial Planning for Young Adults – Is the Financial Education Children Receive in the UK Enough to Set Them up for Life?

“The things we see and learn about money in childhood and adolescence can have long-lasting consequences. Money habits that can last for life begin to form between… Read More

12 February 2021

What is Prevent Duty? The Role You Play in Counter-Extremism

Modern Britain is a multicultural society with a diverse culture, but unfortunately, there are threats to our multiculturalism. Voices of extremism come in many forms, some of… Read More

26 January 2021

What Is an ‘Appointed Person’? – A Quick and Easy Guide

You may have wondered what your obligations are to provide an appointed person or first aiders in your workplace. In short, appointed persons are responsible for meeting… Read More

29 March 2021

Christmas Support Hours 2020

The Skills Platform will have limited support over the Christmas holiday. Please find details of available support below: Skills for Health eLearning:  For enquiries about existing and… Read More

11 December 2020

Garden Leave 101: A Quick and Easy Guide

Alexander Boswell, Marketing MSc, Business PhD and SaaS mastermind has got a pretty good grasp of business concepts – at least he thought he did until he decided to leave the… Read More

29 March 2021

Investigation Skills: A Mindset Beyond Police Work

Whether you’re investigating a crime, accident, a person or an organisation, investigation skills are an essential part of our day-to-day lives. Because here at Skills Platform, we… Read More

23 April 2021

6 Stages of Grooming Adults and Teens: Spotting The Red Flags

It's National Safeguarding Adults Week and one of the key themes this year is adult grooming. Sadly, social isolation could make the most vulnerable in our society,… Read More

17 November 2020

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