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2017 – new year, new start!

As we enter 2017, we wanted to give you an overview of our plans for the year ahead. As you may be aware, over the last few months we’ve been gradually making enhancements to the platform based upon your feedback. We are set to continue with these enhancements over the course of the upcoming year.

Here’s a few of the key updates you can expect:

Website enhancements

As part of our recent strategy review, we have reduced the number of training providers listed on the platform from over 800 to less than 100 as we focus on fewer, but higher quality providers. As part of this review, we will be focusing on a smaller number of key areas such as clinical training.

We have added a new search suggestion facility to allow you to see the information faster and also to see what people are searching for. As well as this we have implemented fully flexible listings, providers will be able to list courses on our website but users would need to visit their website for further details. This allows learners to have a greater range of options when booking the courses, they need.

Clinical eLearning Hub

Our brand new eLearning hub allows learners to access all of their clinical eLearning requirements in one central location. We have especially chosen only quality assured clinical training providers known for their specialism within this field. With course content especially created for GPs, CEPNS, CCGs, Nurses, Care homes and Private care providers, with the aim of reducing the time taken in locating the essential training courses they need. Nurses and other specialists in secondary care can also easily find courses to support their CPD and revalidation.

Care Certificate Implementation Toolkit

Almost two years have passed since the Care Certificate was first introduced, many of us are familiar with background and the aims. However, many of us are still getting to grips with implementing this within our workforce. Our free toolkit hopes to bridge the gap between knowledge and implementation to provide you with the confidence to successfully set-up the process up within your workplace. With advice and tips from industry experts, training and development leads and healthcare organisations, we hope to relieve the burden care certificate implementation often brings.

Support Worker Development Index

Patient figures continue to rise and unfortunately the budgets do not. Limited funding is an all to familiar phrase to us all. Therefore, it is vital that your workforce strategy can meet the needs of your business now and going forward. Our new development index will help you to identify opportunities within your workforce and show you how you can develop your workforce to benefit the needs of your business.

To help you get the most from the platform, we will be looking to help you stretch your training budget by highlighting free eLearning and providing you with essential knowledge updates from our partners.

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