19th May, 2016

Literacy and Numeracy Resources

Free NSA Health Functional Skills Toolkit:

The NSA for Health team have developed a free toolkit to help employers assess literacy and numeracy skills across their organisation. This toolkit is available free for employer partners via the NSA Knowledge Exchange. You can sign up as an employer partner for free.

Click here for full details

In addition to the new toolkits, the Knowledge Exchange also contains resource libraries on topics such as dementia care and continuing professional development, along with news, articles, briefings, research, webinar recordings, videos and much more.

Midland TD Literacy & Numeracy Assessment

Midland Training & Development offer a service for individuals looking to improve their basic English, Maths & IT skills.

[No longer available sadly]

Health Numeracy & Literacy Research

NationalNumeracy.org have a fascinating research study which shows that 43% of adults lack health literacy skills and 61% of adults lack health numeracy skills.

Read the full report here

Post last updated on 19/05/2016