26th Apr, 2016

Skills for Health Primary Care eLearning

Care Certificate One Year On

Skills for Health have launched a series of Primary Care specific eLearning modules for GPs, dentistry, pharmacy and other community care organisations.

These adapated modules provide statutory/ mandatory core skills framework eLearning with specific primary care learning scenarios. Other features and benefits include:

  • eLearning written by and for primary care staff
  • The most up to date and complete courses available, include the latest government and expert guidelines
  • Imagery and scenarios relevant to primary care sector
  • Courses are updated whenever legislation changes

Additional features:

  • Integrated reporting – managers can see all staff training at a glance
  • All training includes an assessment of knowledge at the end before a certificate is granted
  • Courses can be accessed any time with learning saved across multiple sessions.

Primary Care Specific Modules:

The following modules have been wholly adapted for Primary care:

Our Primary Care eLearning bundle also includes the following Primary care applicable modules:

**Order instructions: To order the primary care versions of these courses, please add a note 'Primary Care' to your order**

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Post last updated on 26/04/2016