June 2015

Through whichever popular platform it happens to be, causes and startups that have launched a crowdfunding campaign have demonstrated exactly how effective it can be to raise money through little contributions from a big number of people. The trend continues to grow... Read More
From October 2015, every nurse that comes to re-register must revalidate in order to be legally able to work in the UK. This will affect all nurses and midwives and anyone that qualifies after October 2015 will need to understand the new requirements. Read More
We do not have a crisis of ethics in business today – despite what the tabloids and scaremongers might wish us to believe. We have a crisis of trust. Trust is critical for everyone. Where there is trust individuals and teams perform better, are more productive, more motivated and are happier in themselves. So how do we inspire trust? Read More
To mark International Children's Day we're sharing information on the Safeguarding Children Course which you can sign up to via the Skills Platform. We're discussing issues associated with child abuse and how to see those all important warning signs! People are already raising awareness all over the world but how will you be showing your support? Read More