July 2015

With regards to the attributes required to work in nursing, a good bedside manner and having the utmost respect for patients is paramount. However, according to a survey of NHS patients, a fifth of people in hospital in England are not treated with dignity. Read More
Philosophical questioning can be adapted to any subject and can broaden the mind so it is therefore not surprising that a new study has found that embracing philosophy can contribute to improvements in English and Maths school in primary school. Read More
When it comes to writing a CV, it’s generally accepted that an individual will describe both themselves and their experience in a positive light, potentially enhancing their CV to their advantage. A positive spin is one thing, but claiming skills you haven’t mastered - or haven’t even tried - can lead to disaster. Read More
With some sectors struggling to find fresh talent, apprenticeships in health, public services and care shot up from 28,230 in 2009-10 to nearly 58,000 four years later. But what is the future for young people and apprenticeships and how can Skills Platform help? Read More