August 2015

For many, results day can feel like judgement day, leaving them questioning the impact these result will have; have I done enough? Will these grades determine my future? What do I want do with my life? Read More
Despite considerable youth unemployment, with almost 17% of 16­ to 24­-year­olds, currently out of work, 54% of employers have found that while they agree that recruits are more highly qualified than ever, they can’t fill vacancies. Read More
An increasing number of businesses, including those in the technology and digital sector, have been reporting staff shortages, due to a lack of highly-skilled staff available. Just under 60% of 61 firms in the province who were surveyed by CBI and Person said they required more highly-skilled staff, with many stating that they were not confident that they would be able to find the people they need. Read More
A third of job seekers feel they are falling further behind with the latest technology because they are out of work, according to new research from EE. The majority, 95%, of those looking for work believe they will struggle to get a job without basic internet skills. Read More