December 2015

Skills For Health Elearning modules now include stand-alone E-assessments. This means that learners who believe they already have necessary knowledge of the subject area can complete an assessment without having to complete the training again. Read More
We all know how difficult it can be to compete for precious funding, so how can your charity give itself the best possible chance of making a good impression, and make every application count? Well, one way is to anticipate some of the questions funders may have about your organisation, project or finances, and address these directly in advance. Read More
I have read about the recent funding problems in UK mental health provision with particular sadness. 10 years ago, a family friend in his early 20s took his own life after struggling for years with schizophrenia. His problems emerged in his teenage years, a common occurrence; as 75% of adult mental health issues make their first appearance around this time. Before this, he was a typical happy child from a stable, loving family. Would a teenager going through these problems today avoid the same fate? Read More