January 2016

Skills for Health eLearning Courses
The Skills for Health eLearning suite contains over 30 courses with more added every month. These courses are directly aligned with the Care Certificate and Core Skills Training Framework. Read More

How Do You Measure Your Charity's Impact?
Over the past few years the terms ‘outcomes’ and ‘impact’ have been heard increasingly across the charity sector and being able to demonstrate them is now vital. Funders, supporters, volunteers, trustees, and a numerous other stakeholders are now, more than ever, interested in the impact your charity has. Read More
What is Information Governance & Why Does it Matter?
Information governance refers to the management of information at an organisational level. It includes the following main items: Confidentiality, data protection, information recording, sharing confidential information, subject access requests & freedom of information requests. Read More

Future You Ambassador Training
Cogent Skills, SEMTA and Skills for Health are running free training sessions for volunteers wishing to become ambassadors for young people interested in careers Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM). The focus is on industries such as life sciences and healthcare. Read More
Skills Platform FAQ
To help you navigate purchasing Skills for Health eLearning, please find answers to Frequently asked questions here. How do you sign up? How do I purchase on behalf of others? Is there a discount for multiple bookings? How do I access eLearning? Read More

Can you really use eLearning for the care certificate?
The Care Certificate has been helping to standardise the initial training of new health and adult social care support workers since its launch in April 2015. However, back in November, Skills for Health, Health Education England and Skills for Care were forced to issue a joint statement to rectify some misleading claims made by certain training providers. Read More
Care Certificate Answers - The Complete (and jargon free) Guide
We get a large number of inquiries regarding the Care Certificate, so thought we'd put all our responses together in one place to help anyone interested. There's clearly some confusion surrounding the subject, so we've tried to make this guide (mostly) jargon free. Read More