April 2016

How to successfully implement e-Learning into healthcare practices
This guide will help you form a clear strategy for the introduction of e-Learning, highlighting the importance of defining your goals and how to manage the transition. We offer advice on what questions to ask e-Learning providers, provide insight from recent adopters and discuss what measures can be taken to ensure staff are confident in their use of technology. Read More

7 ways to get buy in for your digital strategy
Your team are chomping at the bit to get going with developing a digital strategy. Yet it’s proving difficult to get off the ground. Your board aren’t convinced that they need to invest in it this year, your CEO is nervous of Twitter (and most other digital channels), and your colleagues who were initially so enthusiastic about the project are losing heart. Does this all sound familiar? Read More
Skills for Health Primary Care eLearning
Skills for Health have launched a series of Primary Care specific eLearning modules for GPs, dentistry, pharmacy and other community care organisations. These adapated modules provide statutory/ mandatory core skills framework eLearning with specific primary care learning scenarios Read More

One Year of the Care Certificate: What We've Learned
With thousands of people running through the Care Certificate standards since its launch a year ago, we interview one of its lead architects, Angelo Varetto to reflect on successes and lessons learned. Read More
Is eLearning a Viable Options for NHS Staff?
The steady uptake of e-Learning courses within the health sector is set to continue apace over forthcoming years, with providers and users increasingly turning to online training in favour of traditional classroom teaching. There are many advantages to this revolutionary form of education, but some have questioned whether it can be deployed effectively across the NHS. Read More