August 2016

An interview with Matt Oliver from Search Star on social media advertising for charities. Matt shares his top tips on Google ad grants, social advertising best practice and the future of social media. Read More
The government recently released details of the apprentice funding levy, yet many healthcare employers still feel confused about the basics of apprenticeships in healthcare. This employers guide answers some of the most common questions relating to apprenticeships in healthcare with tips on the future direction of training and qualifications. Read More
The Skills Platform Top 7 - A regular round up of top articles and news across the health & charity sector. This week - The employers guide to healthcare apprenticeships, the apprenticeship levy, 7 requirements for digital transformation and the #missingtype campaign. Read More
According to Harvard Business Review, 66-84% of digital transformations fail. Why is this? As a starter for ten, I’ve mapped out below 7 ‘big picture’ things it’s critical to get right. I’ve included three questions to help you get going in each area, although bear in mind there are a lot more Read More