August 2020

Manual Handling Regulations: The Complete Employer's Guide
For some industries, manual handling is a routine activity. Nevertheless, to promote your own safety, it is important to understand the risks and manual handling regulations at work and, to maintain workplace health for your workers, bolster up your training and risk assessment. Read More

End of Life Care Plan: Where to Start?
Discussing death with a loved one is challenging to say the least. By the same token, being the health or social care professional responsible for discussing an end of life care plan with a dying or critically ill patient and their family members is a huge professional challenge. Read More
Vaccine Hesitancy: The Political Strain of (and on) Healthcare
Whilst the majority of the world waits patiently for a vaccine to put an end to the death and economic destruction wrought by COVID-19, anti-vaxxers are joining anti-lockdown protests and using this time of uncertainty to spread misinformation and fear. Such an alliance is causing vaccine hesitancy to rise in the UK and across the world, posing a threat to public health. Here we will unpack everything about vaccines and the people they're made for - from the science to the politics to the conspiracy theories they are entrenched in. Read More

Breastfeeding Immunity: Can We Get Britain to Stay Natural for Longer?
Breast milk is commonly understood to provide sustenance to babies, but fewer people know about the importance of breastfeeding immunity. Breastfeeding has been shown to provide vital protection from infectious diseases to infants whilst in the womb and shortly after. But, is that the whole story, or are there effects that reach beyond infancy? Read More