31st Oct, 2017

Care Certificate Implementation Toolkit Launches Today

The Skills Platform has launched a toolkit to assist those responsible for delivering the Care Certificate to new employees as part of their induction, and for upskilling current employees. It has been created for a wide range of health and care staff, from small independent care homes to large organisations with experienced learning and development teams. It will enable you to feel confident about what the Care Certificate was designed to do, and will help you to decide the best ways to implement it within your organisation. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) expects the Care Certificate to be implemented by relevant organisations; it is a requirement for health and nurse Apprenticeships and is also more recently, a key component of Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeships.You will find help with:

  • The Care Certificate: why it was introduced, how it is structured and common questions and answers
  • Taking steps to implement the Care Certificate successfully within your organisation

Access the toolkit here

Post last updated on 31/10/2017