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Planning Your Safeguarding Policies and Procedures: Key Legislation

Recent events have clearly demonstrated that a lack of comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures can leave both you, your team… Read More

14 April 2021

Happy Birthday to the Care Certificate

It’s now five years since the Care Certificate was launched in England in April 2015. With the latest statistics showing… Read More

7 April 2020

Improving the care for people with autism and learning disabilities

In October 2019, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) released their annual assessment of healthcare and social care in England. The document,… Read More

10 February 2020

New Oral Health mandatory questions added to Effective: Key Lines of Enquiry

For people who are unable to clean their own teeth, mouth care should be an essential nursing responsibility but it… Read More

4 February 2020

Workforce Development Fund 2019-20

What is the Workforce Development Fund? The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) is funding from the Department of Health and Social… Read More

30 January 2020

The balancing act: staying healthy in a demanding caring role

Caring for others can take its toll on your body, mind and emotions. Yet, even though you may be an… Read More

13 May 2019

Empowering Patients

Fortunately, 21st century healthcare is gradually moving away from the out-dated ‘doctor knows best’ model to one which is more person-centred.… Read More

18 February 2019

Keeping your care home healthy this winter – Part 2

Following on from our article 'Keeping your care home healthy this winter - Part 1', here's more tips on minimising the… Read More

26 November 2018

Keeping your care home healthy this winter – Part 1

This past year has given us some extreme weather: who can forget the deluge of snow that the ‘Beast from… Read More

13 November 2018

Receiving the ‘flu vaccination – your duty or your choice?

The aim of the annual immunisation campaign is to help protect adults and children at risk of ‘flu and its… Read More

7 November 2018