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Maintaining nutrition and hydration in care homes

Both how much and what you eat and drink not only affects your weight but it impacts on your mood,… Read More

23 August 2018

An introduction to PEG feeding

What is PEG feeding? This article will provide you with an introduction to PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy) feeding, a form… Read More

20 August 2018

Dignity in care

After a while, the hospital or care home where you work becomes as familiar to you as your own home.… Read More

16 August 2018

Recognising and dealing with challenging behaviour

As you know, patients and their relatives can behave in a range of unpredictable and challenging ways - some can… Read More

14 August 2018

What is DoLS

When working as a nurse or health care assistant in the adult care sector, care homes or hospital setting, you… Read More

18 July 2018

Person Centred Care Meaning & Implications

There are many terms used to describe person-centred care, including 'patient-centred care', 'resident-centred care', ‘client-centred care’ or ‘woman-centred care’. Each… Read More

11 July 2018

Care Certificate Implementation Toolkit Launches Today

The Skills Platform has launched a toolkit to assist those responsible for delivering the Care Certificate to new employees as… Read More

31 October 2017

Why providers need to be ready to deliver the Health Apprenticeships

We welcome this guest post from Sally Garbett, Vocational Programmes Manager at St Christopher's Hospice. This article first appeared in… Read More

4 July 2017

Brilliant clinicians need a brilliant support workforce

In healthcare, the focus is often on brilliant surgeons, nurses or doctors (who, of course, we applaud). However, nurses and… Read More

7 November 2016

One Year of the Care Certificate: What We’ve Learned

With thousands of people undertaking training to meet the Care Certificate standards since its launch a year ago, we interview… Read More

18 April 2016

Can you really use eLearning for the care certificate?

The Care Certificate has been helping to standardise the initial training of new health and adult social care support workers… Read More

15 January 2016

Care Certificate Answers – The Complete (and jargon free) Guide

            We get a large number of inquiries regarding the Care Certificate, so thought we'd… Read More

14 January 2016