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What Are the Eight Principles of the Data Protection Act?

The UK Data Protection Act was originally designed to protect personal data stored on computers and paper filing systems. Since then, technology has evolved… Read More

12 December 2021

New 2021 Fire Legislation Marks Another Positive Step Since Grenfell

2021 marks the development of the Fire Safety Act and Building Safety Bill. The former has been approved by parliament… Read More

5 July 2021

Fire Marshal or Fire Warden? – Career Spotlight

Whether you're thinking of joining the service yourself or want to know what you can expect from them as a… Read More

27 May 2021

Brownie Points: How To Survive An EHO Visit

EHO visits can be daunting and it can feel like inspectors are holding the survival of your business in their… Read More

29 April 2021

Planning Your Safeguarding Policies and Procedures: Key Legislation

Recent events have clearly demonstrated that a lack of comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures can leave both you, your team… Read More

14 April 2021

What is Prevent Duty? The Role You Play in Counter-Extremism

Modern Britain is a multicultural society with a diverse culture, but unfortunately, there are threats to our multiculturalism. Voices of… Read More

26 January 2021

What Is an ‘Appointed Person’? – A Quick and Easy Guide

You may have wondered what your obligations are to provide an appointed person or first aiders in your workplace. In… Read More

15 December 2020

Investigation Skills: A Mindset Beyond Police Work

Whether you’re investigating a crime, accident, a person or an organisation, investigation skills are an essential part of our day-to-day… Read More

19 November 2020

6 Stages of Grooming Adults and Teens: Spotting The Red Flags

It's National Safeguarding Adults Week and one of the key themes this year is adult grooming. Sadly, social isolation could… Read More

17 November 2020

Manual Handling Regulations: The Complete Employer’s Guide

For some industries, manual handling is a routine activity. Nevertheless, to promote your own safety, it is important to understand… Read More

24 August 2020