Mental Health Days - Rarely Taken, Desperately Needed
It’s an interesting concept that a day off can be taken without guilt for a headache, but if you’re having a full-blown panic attack or episode of depression you feel you still have to go to work. So how do you know if you need to take mental health days and what should you do with them? Read More

Ableism and The Autism Puzzle Piece – An Autistic's Perspective
The autism puzzle piece symbol puzzle piece to represent people on the autism spectrum has a long and troubled past, from when it was first created. Why? To understand this, you have to first understand where the symbol came from and the meaning attached to it. Read More
How to Stop Ruminating and Accept the Times We are in - Surviving Lockdown
It's Mental Health Awareness Week and this year's theme is kindness, most specifically being kind to yourself. In light of this theme, our Head of Marketing explores how altering your perception of time, your own time in particular, can be massively advantageous for your mental health. Read More

Fire Safety Regulations Since Grenfell: The New Regime
Several key fire safety regulations have come into power in the UK this month. Here, we take a look back at the timeline since Grenfell and explore what the new legislation means for the healthcare sector. Read More
New guidance released on CSTF mandatory training during Covid-19
New guidance released by Skills for Health and Health Education England following a review of the minimum requirements for statutory and mandatory training during the Covid-19, has identified that four key subject matters should be focused on to ensure training is maintained for frontline workers. Read More

Coronavirus Update - Our Promise to You
As the number of COVID-19 cases rise and concerns around the pandemic escalate, we want to reassure you that the Skills Platform are committed to supporting our customers, the NHS and wider healthcare sector during this novel crisis. Read More
Improving the care for people with autism and learning disabilities
In October 2019, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) released their annual assessment of health care and social care in England. The document, aptly named ‘State of Care’ reported that, despite challenging times, most of the care given across England is good and, overall, the quality is improving slightly. However, they also reported that service users are not always having good experiences and sometimes people don’t get the care they need until it’s too late and things have seriously worsened for them. Read More

New Oral Health mandatory questions added to Effective: Key Lines of Enquiry
CQC published a report ‘Smiling Matters’ in June 2019 which details an in-depth review on the state of oral health care in care homes across England. Since October 2019, new questions to improve oral care in care homes have been added to the Care Quality Commission’s ‘effective’ key line of inspection inquiry. Read More
Workforce Development Fund 2019-20
The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) is a funding opportunity for adult social care employers in England. It’s a finite pot of money which allows you to reclaim some of the costs incurred through the achievement of advertised qualifications and non-accredited learning programmes by your workforce on completion of the learning. The fund supports the continuing professional development of staff across the adult social care sector. Read More

Not Such a Blue Monday
The third Monday of January has the uninspiring title of Blue Monday. Apparently, a university professor managed to precisely calculate the most depressing day of the year, using formulae based on weather conditions, financial debt, time since Christmas, the time since failing our new year’s resolutions and low motivational level!! Cheery stuff. Read More
It’s that wonderful time of the year - Influenza Season!
The clocks are turning back, and nights are drawing in; somehow, with a blink of an eye summer has gone for another year. This time of seasonal change brings lots of emotions - the more organised amongst you may have all but finished your Christmas shopping, others will be counting down the days until the annual ward night out whilst some of you will simply be wanting to hibernate for a few months. Yet, love it or hate it one thing is for sure: everyone wants to escape the winter bugs, especially the dreaded ‘flu'. Read More

Residents in care homes 'missing out on dental care'
The recent publication of the CQC report, Smiling Matters: Oral health care in care homes found that both a lack of access to dentists and insufficient support provided by care home staff is leading to a worrying state of affairs for residents' dental health. Read More
New guidelines for epilepsy care in the community
New guidelines for professional carers administering buccal (ormomucosal) midazolam for epilepsy patients in the community have been published by the Epilepsy Nurses Association (ESNA), replacing the Joint Epilepsy Council (JEC) guidelines. Read More

The balancing act: staying healthy in a demanding caring role
Caring for others can take its toll on your body, mind and emotions. Yet, even though you may be an expert at looking after your patients, are you giving your own wellbeing the same attention? Read More
The story behind The Charity Digital Skills Report
If you were trying to improve your fitness, what’s the first thing you’d do? You might join a gym, get advice from a personal trainer or start working out with a friend. Either way you’d probably want to know where you were at before setting yourself some goals, whether it’s running a 5k or doing a triathlon. If you want to move forward you’ve got to find out where you are. That’s the rationale behind The Charity Digital Skills Report. Read More

What is the CSTF? - The Acronym You Should Look Out For
Whether you work in a major hospital or a care home setting; are a generalist or a specialist; are newly-trained or experienced; or are working at the front-line or a support role – any new employer (permanent or agency work) needs to know that you have up-to-date training. Read More
The importance of empathy
All of you will have found yourselves in public situations where powerful emotions bubble to the surface, e.g. on the ‘phone to a call centre or waiting for a delayed train. Often even if it doesn’t change the outcome of the situation, if you are dealt with in an open, honest and respectful way, you feel more in control and able to cope. Read More

Empowering Patients
Fortunately, 21st century healthcare is gradually moving away from the out-dated ‘doctor knows best’ model to one which is more person-centred. For you, as a health care practitioner, this means working with your patients - exploring what they already know, educating and empowering them to live the best they can with their conditions. Read More
World Cancer Day 2019
Feb 4th, 2019 marks the 20th World Cancer Day (WCD) - a day that aims to bring people, communities and countries together to raise awareness and take action in the global fight against cancer. Read More

What is COSHH?
Working in the healthcare environment you have a duty to keep your patients safe and free from harm. However, in doing so you need to know that your health is not being put at risk and you are able to work in a safe environment. Read More
Keeping your care home healthy this winter - Part 2
This past year has given us some extreme weather: who can forget the deluge of snow that the ‘Beast from the east’ brought us in March? And then, just a couple of months later we enjoyed unprecedented heat waves throughout the long summer. Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball, so who knows what the next few months will bring weather-wise? However, what we do know is that, if you work in a care home, it’s not only the weather that you will be concerned about this winter. Read More