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What is Prevent Duty? The Role You Play in Counter-Extremism
Modern Britain is a multicultural society with a diverse culture, but unfortunately, there are threats to our multiculturalism. Voices of extremism come in many forms, some of which oppose the multiethnic and multireligious culture within Britain and some of which threaten our welfare as a result. Read More

What Is an 'Appointed Person'? - A Quick and Easy Guide
Appointed persons are responsible for meeting the basic first aid requirements on your premises. They will keep the onsite first aid kit stocked, report and keep records of first aid incidents, and take charge in an emergency. Read More
Investigation Skills: A Mindset Beyond Police Work
Whether you’re investigating a crime, accident, a person or an organisation, investigation skills are an essential part of our day-to-day lives. This article explores what investigation skills are, why they are relevant to professions outside the Police, and how to apply them daily. Read More

6 Stages of Grooming Adults and Teens: Spotting The Red Flags
It's National Safeguarding Adults Week and one of the key themes this year is adult grooming. Sadly, social isolation could make the most vulnerable in our society, more likely to be targeted for abuse. With the rise in social media usage and more and more people falling into more vulnerable positions, we thought it paramount to break down the key 6 stages of grooming adults (as well as teens, because the tactics are often the same). Read More
What Are the Eight Principles of the Data Protection Act?
The UK Data Protection Act was originally designed to protect personal data stored on computers and paper filing systems. Since then, technology has evolved substantially and so have many of the permissions surrounding it, however, the core principles stay the same - 8 principles of the data protection act still apply today and ensure that personal information is processed and stored lawfully. Read More

Manual Handling Regulations: The Complete Employer's Guide
For some industries, manual handling is a routine activity. Nevertheless, to promote your own safety, it is important to understand the risks and manual handling regulations at work and, to maintain workplace health for your workers, bolster up your training and risk assessment. Read More
What is COSHH?
Working in the healthcare environment you have a duty to keep your patients safe and free from harm. However, in doing so you need to know that your health is not being put at risk and you are able to work in a safe environment. Read More