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Pharmacists Train Up for Post-Lockdown Demand – Free CPD Courses

With restricted access to GP practices, people are turning to their local pharmacists. 56% of pharmacists have experienced increased hours.… Read More

25 June 2021

Fact or Myth: Setting the Record Straight on Dental Myths

Working in general and specialist periodontal practices for over 25 years, Jane of Knowledge Oral Healthcare knows everything about dental… Read More

20 May 2021

PMS vs PMDD, PME and PMAD: Combatting The Worst of PMS Symptoms

PMS symptoms are the worst but PMDD could be even worse. Menstrual related mood disorders are becoming more and more… Read More

5 May 2021

Planning Your Safeguarding Policies and Procedures: Key Legislation

Recent events have clearly demonstrated that a lack of comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures can leave both you, your team… Read More

14 April 2021

Is ADHD a Learning Disability -Understanding Neurodiversity

ADHD has long been misunderstood. Once dismissed as "naughty children", those who deal with the condition deal with a range… Read More

15 March 2021

What is Prevent Duty? The Role You Play in Counter-Extremism

Modern Britain is a multicultural society with a diverse culture, but unfortunately, there are threats to our multiculturalism. Voices of… Read More

26 January 2021

Investigation Skills: A Mindset Beyond Police Work

Whether you’re investigating a crime, accident, a person or an organisation, investigation skills are an essential part of our day-to-day… Read More

19 November 2020

Sepsis Nursing Interventions in a New Age of Technology

Sepsis can be fatal if not spotted early, and nursing interventions are key to noticing the symptoms on time. Recent… Read More

21 October 2020

England Is Not Breastfeeding Friendly: 5 Countries We Should Take a Leaf From

Since the Baby-Friendly Hopsital Initiative was introduced, countries across the world have been working to become more breastfeeding friendly. Each… Read More

1 October 2020

Nursing Recruitment and Retention: On The Brink, A Skillset Too Far For Britain’s Nurses?

Sexual Health Nurses are ideally placed to help patients navigate their entire journey when it comes to contraception, family planning,… Read More

25 September 2020

Sepsis Nursing Diagnosis: The Critical Signs

Many of us have heard of the term sepsis, and that it’s linked to some form of infection. What many… Read More

13 September 2020

End of Life Care Plan: Where to Start?

     Discussing death with a loved one is challenging to say the least. By the same token, being the… Read More

21 August 2020