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Breastfeeding Immunity: Can We Get Britain to Stay Natural for Longer?

Breast milk is commonly understood to provide sustenance to babies, but fewer people know about the importance of breastfeeding immunity.… Read More

3 August 2020

Mental Health Days – Rarely Taken, Desperately Needed

It’s an interesting concept that a day off can be taken without guilt for a headache, but if you’re having… Read More

9 July 2020

Ableism and The Autism Puzzle Piece – An Autistic’s Perspective

Joanne was in banking but found herself a square peg in a round hole in the corporate world. After discovering she… Read More

22 June 2020

CQC in Care Homes: Providers Call for Stronger Regulation

The regulator has, like many others, had to adapt their approach around the challenges that come with a pandemic, however,… Read More

27 May 2020

How to Stop Ruminating and Accept the Times We are in

Many people will be dealing with heightened stress and frustration as a result of the lockdown and, for some, these… Read More

18 May 2020

Fire Safety Regulations Since Grenfell: The New Regime

Several key fire safety regulations have come into power in the UK this month. Here, we take a look back… Read More

11 May 2020

New guidance released on CSTF mandatory training during Covid-19

New guidance released by Skills for Health and Health Education England following a review of the minimum requirements for statutory and mandatory… Read More

30 April 2020

Coronavirus Update – Our Promise to You

  We're nearly a month into the lockdown, one that has felt closer to eternity for many. The coronavirus has been… Read More

14 April 2020

Improving the care for people with autism and learning disabilities

In October 2019, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) released their annual assessment of healthcare and social care in England. The document,… Read More

10 February 2020

New Oral Health mandatory questions added to Effective: Key Lines of Enquiry

For people who are unable to clean their own teeth, mouth care should be an essential nursing responsibility but it… Read More

4 February 2020

Workforce Development Fund 2019-20

What is the Workforce Development Fund? The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) is funding from the Department of Health and Social… Read More

30 January 2020

Not Such a Blue Monday

The third Monday of January has the uninspiring title of Blue Monday. Apparently, a university professor managed to precisely calculate… Read More

20 January 2020