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What is Prevent Duty? The Role You Play in Counter-Extremism
Modern Britain is a multicultural society with a diverse culture, but unfortunately, there are threats to our multiculturalism. Voices of extremism come in many forms, some of which oppose the multiethnic and multireligious culture within Britain and some of which threaten our welfare as a result. Read More

Happy Birthday to the Care Certificate
It’s now five years since the Care Certificate was launched in England in April 2015. With the latest statistics showing that 68% of frontline health and social care staff have engaged with the Care Certificate, let’s refresh our minds as to what the Care Certificate is as well as answer some of the commonly asked questions from throughout the health and social sector. Read More
New Oral Health mandatory questions added to Effective: Key Lines of Enquiry
CQC published a report ‘Smiling Matters’ in June 2019 which details an in-depth review on the state of oral health care in care homes across England. Since October 2019, new questions to improve oral care in care homes have been added to the Care Quality Commission’s ‘effective’ key line of inspection inquiry. Read More

New guidelines for epilepsy care in the community
New guidelines for professional carers administering buccal (ormomucosal) midazolam for epilepsy patients in the community have been published by the Epilepsy Nurses Association (ESNA), replacing the Joint Epilepsy Council (JEC) guidelines. Read More
Spotlight on General Practice Nursing: Identifying key training priorities
As the NHS celebrated its 70th birthday this summer there were plenty of nostalgic memories as we as we all reflected on how things were ‘back in the day’. The NHS has changed so dramatically since its inception in 1948 with technology and advances in medical science largely paving the way. But the NHS landscape has also been shaped by those who use its services. We know that people are living longer with more complex conditions and this is reflected in the demand for services both in primary and secondary care. Read More

Interview with Education for Health
The industry leading charity Education for Health share their background and specialisms as well as the biggest challenges and struggles faced by private health sector organisations presently. Read More