23rd Jan, 2017

Charity Digital Skills Report Launched

Charity Digital Survey Launch

Charities are now investing in digital skills as a way to scale up their work, to campaign and to generate funds in an increasingly competitive market. The Charity Commission recently recognised the importance of digital at board level, with a report on making digital work for trustees.

Digital is a broad area which covers the use of technology, from software to hardware to communications. However, there are some indications that charities are lagging behind SMEs and other business areas in their digital maturity. The Lloyd’s Digital Maturity Index for example found that 49% of charities lack basic digital skills in 2016.

Following the success of the Charity Social Media Toolkit, the Skills Platform and Zoe Amar identified a need to understand the digital skills of the sector in greater detail.

By understanding the skills gaps in the sector and the root cause of these problems, we can identify suitable solutions including key areas for training, leadership priorities and funding.

The Charity Digital Skills Report

To truly understand the digital needs of the charity sector, we are launching a survey which will help us build the Charity Digital Skills Report.

The report will be a great resource to map where the sector is at with digital, benchmark your charity's digital skills and make the business case for the support you need.

We need as many responses as possible to help us build a complete picture of the charity digital landscape, so we would appreciate your time in completing the survey.

Skills Report Survey

The survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete - Please submit your email address at the end to join our report launch priority list, and to be entered into our prize draw to receive one of three Google Adword vouchers worth up to $100 (£80) courtesy of digital agency Search Star.

The survey has been developed by the Skills Platform and Zoe Amar, with the Charity Digital Skills Report due to launch in March.

Zoe Amar says, “If charities are to make the business case for greater use of digital then they need data on where the sector sees the opportunities and risks, where the skills gaps are what the barriers to adoption may be. We are excited about creating a resource which will help charities understand more about this. We hope that the results will give charities a clearer idea on where they are at with digital and where they could go from here.”

Launch the survey here

Post last updated on 23/01/2017