Coronavirus Update – Our Promise to You


We’re nearly a month into the lockdown, one that has felt closer to eternity for many. The coronavirus has been extensive in its impact and the whole world has had to respond with dramatic change – namely, in the form of social distancing. Such change has no doubt affected many businesses, some worse than others, which has forced many to review their contingency plan and inform a tailored coronavirus update to their audience.

With this in mind, we wanted to reassure you that, whilst committed to the pursuit of public health, we are just as committed to supporting our customers. We are taking all the precautionary health and safety measures to avoid the virus spreading whilst maintaining on-hand support. Moreover, our staff are diligently working to uphold our customer service, not just to the usual but, to the higher standard such an emergency demands. 



What’s changing?

Apart from the COVID-19 focussed comms that you’ll be getting everywhere now, nothing much. 
Already heavily cemented in the digital world of eCommerce, and predominantly for the public sector, we’re one of the lucky ones. Thus, after reviewing our Business Continuity Plan, we can confidently guarantee that there will be no discrepancies in our services or those from critical third-party providers. This means all E-Learning courses available on the Skills Platform will continue to be so. 
Thanks to our fantastic tech and administrative teams, staff are readily equipped to work remotely. Further measures include cancelling any unnecessary travel and taking a digital-first approach to all customer relations in order to avoid human to human transmission. Thus, we will be contactable via email, phone and can facilitate meetings via a range of video conferencing solutions. 
We will be continually monitoring the government advice and shifting our approach accordingly.



Now’s the time to upskill


Many key workers and healthcare professionals will now have mandatory training they are required to complete in order to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak, such as the Coronavirus Awareness course and Infection Control & Prevention courses. Likewise, if you are at the head of an organisation, looking to upskill your newly expanded workforce, we have a range of bundle and bulk offers available on a case by case basis.


For those of you who are doing your bit by staying home, this is the perfect time to upskill in those areas you’ve been putting off for months, perhaps years.


Finally, we are painfully aware of how much pressure the NHS, care and public sector are under right now and want to extend our support and thanks to all those working during this Coronavirus outbreak. Our parent company, Skills for Health are continuously working on solutions to support the healthcare community by maintaining up to date information, the latest guidance and readily available resources to support you and your workforce during this challenging time. We understand the unique needs of the health sector and thus the importance of ensuring your raining needs can continue to be met without disruption.



A message from our CEO, John Rogers – Putting Our People and Patients First


“Along with all other organisations in the health sector, we’re facing huge challenges over the coming months, and we see our primary role as supporting our front-line services during these incredibly difficult times. We would like to reassure you, that we have resilient plans in place to maintain our services…


These are clearly unprecedented times & we all need to play our part, putting people & patients first…Please get in touch for how we can further support your organisation secure a sustainable workforce, with everyone’s health, safety & well-being in mind.”

Read the full statement here



Coronavirus updates from credible resources


We will be sharing valuable content, news and press over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, including a guide on how to manage your expanded workforce. For all other coronavirus updates, here are the main resources:

This post was last modified on 29 March 2021

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