Digital Skills Report: Our Partnership With The Charity Learning Consortium

This year, we are proud to be partnering with the Charity Learning Consortium to help expand the reach of the 2018 Charity Digital Skills Report. The Charity Learning Consortium offer cost effective, quality eLearning to more than two million people in the third sector across the UK. Find out more at The Charity Learning Consortium also support the Clear Lessons Foundation which provides over 1,000 free bite-sized learning videos to charity workers in the UK. Find out more at

The Charity Learning Consortium are also supporting the survey by making 20 x £10 Amazon vouchers available as an incentive for taking part in the survey.

Dave Evans, Skills Platform Product owner adds:

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with the Charity Learning Consortium this year on the 2018 Charity Digital Report. Their collaborative approach epitomises how charities can innovate together to improve the use of digital technology. I’m excited about the potential for the Charity Learning Consortium to help us grow the reach of our report and really appreciate the feedback and expertise they have already provided this year”.

Martin Baker, CEO of Charity Learning Consortium adds:

“Charities were trailblazers using ‘digital’ technology – most notably as early adopters of social media for marketing and fundraising. But a digital approach is not as simple as just having a web presence, and when it comes to truly embracing digital transformation across entire organisations, the sector has not lived up to those early signs of promise.

There are of course lots of reasons for that. The most obvious perhaps that charities often inherit a mishmash of outdated software and hardware, there may not be in-house expertise, and different departments may be working in ‘silos’. Working together, sharing resources and expertise, is vital for digital transformation.

But if there is one thing that I have learned in more than 20 years of working with charities to develop their staff using a digital approach, it’s that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Charities are great at facing challenges head on, and I’ve seen some fantastic examples of low budget, simple solutions to using a digital approach to workforce development over the years. Those charities leading the way are not necessarily the biggest organisations with budgets to match – they may just be thinking differently.

Ultimately, a digital approach makes perfect sense for the sector, helping it stay efficient and agile whilst saving valuable time and money, so I’m proud to support this survey and interested to see the results. Organisations like the Charity Leaning Consortium can really help the sector take the next step towards digital transformation – we’re ready and willing to help”.

Take part in the 2018 report via this link

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