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Health Work Experience & Mentoring Resources

The Skills Platform is collaborating with the National Skills Academy of Health, Health Education England, the Job Centre Plus and the Department for Health to develop a Work Experience portal. The initial target audience for the portal is those people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET), though there is scope to open to all young people looking to explore a career in health care.

For further details, please read our overview here and our online health work experience portal.

As part of the portal, we have pulled together a number of used guidance documents and resources:

Resources for Work Experience Candidates

  • Work Experience Log Book: A comprehensive workbook from the NSA Health for work experience candidates who will be moving through the process. The log book includes reflections from the ‘meet the mentor’ session, a timetable template and self reflection questions.

Resources to Help Organise Work Experience in Health

Resources for Mentors

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