12th Apr, 2017

How can e-learning be better than face-to-face?

eLearning and face to face

Guest blog from the team at MeLearning

Face-to-face learning has great benefits, but don’t dismiss alternative training solutions, especially in busy workplaces. In fact, with the vast improvement in e-learning capabilities and in today’s techy savvy world, e-learning can offer the best all-round solution.

Whether it’s a local authority or small business, e-learning saves time and money. And today budget is more important than ever.

With its flexible accessibility, learners partake in an online course to suit their busy schedule when and where it suits. At home, in a lunch hour, over coffee. Time out of the office is avoided and not wasted travelling to a designated classroom. And without trainer costs and expensive venue hire, further spend is avoided too.

Training is consistent – staff take the same courses at a pace that suits their needs and capabilities. And you can check their progress continuously. E-learning is entirely measurable and if training is incomplete or sub-standard, it can be easily monitored and resolved.

E-learning is efficient. With access available 24/7 this suits the tech hungry millennial littering the workplace. This emerging employee wants job satisfaction, not just financial reward. They love to learn and the more training you can offer the more you’ll benefit from generation Y being part of your team. And there’s a well-known correlation between well trained employees and staff retention.

Team working remotely and out in the field? E-learning is accessible for all and is entirely inclusive.

So although classroom training is lovely, friendly and a great day out of the office, get training back on track with a comprehensive, consistent online training programme that can be accessed anywhere with internet, at a time that suits the learner.

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Post last updated on 12/04/2017