How to Change a Life: Embarking on a Career in the Third Sector

Ed Sheeran hit the headlines recently after it emerged he is allegedly taking a month away from music to volunteer in a charity shop in his hometown of Suffolk.

Despite worldwide success, Sheeran hasn’t forgotten the importance of charity and volunteering, now matter your age or how successful or wealthy you may be.

But for a number of people, charity work is their whole career - and a rewarding one at that. We often talk about “giving something back”, but for those who work in the third sector, giving back - and then some - is their day-to-day life.

“I absolutely love working for a charity,” Senior Fundraising Executive for children’s charity NCH Marie Brown told

“I get out of bed knowing that if I do, 100% I can change a life. (NCH) really makes a difference to the lives of vulnerable and excluded children by helping them reach their full potential.

“I initially intended to work in the charity sector for a year as part of a planned career move. Charity work on your CV can show that you are conscientious, caring and have passion for a cause – but eight years later I am still here and I am not intending to go anywhere!”

If, like Marie, you seek a sense of fulfilment in your working life and are serious about a career in the third sector, there are an abundance of roles available at all levels and for all abilities.

Skill Platform has a wide range of course to get you started or develop your skills for a career in charity. Whether you’re managing a group of volunteers or looking into community leadership, Skills Platform can help you reach your goals.

From managing social action to courses on understanding gift aid and trading activities and taxable income, Skills Platform can arm you with the necessary resources to embark on, or further explore, a career in the third sector, which will not only changing your life - but will also help you to change the lives of others.