Marketing to a Digital World

An increasing number of businesses, including those in the technology and digital sector, have been reporting staff shortages, due to a lack of highly-skilled staff available.

Just under 60% of 61 firms in the province who were surveyed by CBI and Person said they required more highly-skilled staff, with many stating that they were not confident that they would be able to find the people they need.

A separate study from Adobe, the Digital Roadblock Report 2015, found that technology-based marketing roles were cited as the most underrepresented and continue to be the top areas for hiring needs year over year.

“Marketing is one of the sectors which has been transformed by technology in recent years, and there is a shortage of tech-savvy professionals as a result,” said John Watton, EMEA Marketing Director at Adobe.

“Employers need to prioritise training in new digital skills, with 30% of UK marketers surveyed for Adobe’s Digital Roadblock Report citing this as the biggest barrier to success.”

Adobe’s study found that 48% of UK marketers are worried about how they will adapt to changes in the industry, driven by technology, with four in ten feeling that they do not have the skills to perform their jobs successfully.

Marketing in particular has developed as technology advances and although the basic principles of the craft still stand, the way marketing plan are created and executed today rely heavily on digital channels. After all, this isn’t just making marketing digital, it’s marketing for an increasingly digital world.

Thankfully there are a number of courses available for those feeling they are lacking in skills to successfully undertake roles such as marketers or digital analyst.

Advanced Training in Social Media, for example, is a course which would provide highly desirable skills - putting those who have mastered all social platforms ahead of other marketers in their field, available on Skills Platform.

Other courses available, including Social Media for Social Firms and practical skills in marketing, would also be beneficial for a number of individuals and businesses looking to stay savvy in the rapidly changing world of digital marketing.