16th Jul, 2019

Residents in care homes 'missing out on dental care'

The recent (24 June) publication of the CQC report, Smiling Matters: Oral health care in care homes found that both a lack of access to dentists and insufficient support provided by care home staff is leading to a worrying state of affairs for residents' dental health.

Over a four month period from October 2018 to January 2019 CQC dental inspectors visited 100 care home services across England to investigate the state of oral health care.

Key findings:

  • Nearly half (47%) of care homes were not providing any staff training to support people's daily oral healthcare
  • 17% of care homes visited said they did not assess people's oral health on admission
  • The majority (52%) of the care homes visited had no policy to promote and protect people's oral health
  • 73% of residents' care plans we reviewed only partly covered or did not cover oral health at all - homes looking after people with dementia being the most likely to have no plan in place.

Since the report and the ensuing media coverage, the Skills Platform has seen a huge rise in demand for Oral Health courses. Here's some of those available:

Post last updated on 26/09/2019