Saving the Children: Safeguarding Young People in the Modern World

There has been an increasing rise in the need for counselling services in the wake of popular social media channels and the pressure they are putting on young people.

In order to maintain the wellbeing of student, there have been various reports of additional counselling services at schools and colleges due to the “emotional crises” of millennials.

Chris King, the new chairman of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) of schools commented on the pressure young people feel to gain positive comments and merits via social media, alongside the pressure toaccmulare friends and perform well in studies;

There has been a rapid expansion in the numbers of counsellors employed by schools to meet the mental health needs of teenagers struggling to deal with the “modern world”. King added that this accumulation of pressures is leading to significant issues for some young people.

Many consider counselling to be a rewarding a career and in addition to the increase in need for counsellors, there has also been a rise in the number of people considering a career in this field.

If counselling is a career you’ve been looking at or are considering to pursue, Skills Platform has a number of courses geared towards those exploring this sector and are keen to embrace a rewarding career.

Programmes such as the safeguarding of children and young people will equip you with the skills to work with students who are at risk from abuse, bullying and mental health issues.

These will also provide some basic information and background about the legislative framework within which children’s welfare is safeguarded and promoted including the Children’s Act 1989 and Working Together 2013.

Other courses available via Skills Platform which will help you get ahead in this field such as how to deal with difficult behaviour with young people in particular, or how to deal with those who prove challenging but are usually those who need help the most.

Although there is concern for the young people in need of help in today’s world of social media and high expectations, the opportunities to help those who are in need can lead to truly rewarding careers - and ultimately, peace of mind, reassurance and confidence for younger generations. After all, children are the future.