10th Dec, 2015

Skills For Health E-Assessments Now Live

Skills For Health Elearning modules now include stand-alone E-assessments. This means that learners who believe they already have necessary knowledge of the subject area can complete an assessment without having to complete the training again.

These robust stand-alone assessments have been added to all of the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) subjects

Benefits of E-assessment

Robust assessment - e-assessment is based on the national Core Skills Training Framework; organisations can be assured that the right skills are being assessed in the same way as if staff had taken a course.

  • Time saving - Staff that are able to demonstrate their subject knowledge and gain a certificate can avoid repeating training, saving time and maximising their patient contact time.
  • Flexible - e-assessments are PC, tablet and mobile compatible - staff can undertake the assessment any time anywhere that suits them.
  • Efficient - Organisations need to only train those staff who require updates - staff who can demonstrate their knowledge can gain the certificate without sitting through the full training courses.
  • Improved induction - Should staff be new to the organisation (and not previously compliant in CSTF), they can demonstrate their knowledge and skills by taking the assessment, speeding up the time in completing their induction.
  • Robust - Should more than one question be failed during the E-assessment, the learner is directed to the full course. 

Example Skills For Health E-assessment:  

Image: e-assessment.

Find out more: 

E-assessments are available on all Skills For Health Elearning modules that are aligned to the Core Skills Training Framework: 

  • Conflict Resolution: (Conflict Resolution)
  • Consent: (Duty of Care)
  • Equality Diversity & Human Rights: (Equality, Diversity& Human Rights)
  • Safeguarding Adults*: (Safeguarding Adults)
  • Safeguarding Children*: (Safeguarding Children)
  • Health Safety & Welfare: (Health & Safety)
  • Fire Safety: (Health & Safety)
  • Moving & Handling: (Health & Safety)
  • Information Governance: (Handling Information)
  • Infection Prevention & Control - Clinical: (Infection Prevention & Control)
  • Infection Prevention & Control - Non Clinical: (Infection Prevention & Control)

Alternatively, you can save money per module by purchasing the Statutory/Mandatory Core Skills eLearning Bundle

Stand-alone E-assessment is now included with every course purchased and can also purchased as stand-alone modules. Currently, Skills For Health only offer Safeguarding courses to NHS organisations, but the Safeguarding E-assessment is available to all. 

Post last updated on 10/12/2015