Skills Platform Providers: Making the Most of the Platform

With over 2,500 people signed up to the platform and just under 13,500 page views every month, with 74% of those searches originating from new visitors, there is no better time to promote your courses via Skills Platform.  

Take advantage of our sector specific learning and training marketplace and build a reputation with qualified user reviews.

Skills Platform can help you develop your organisation, secure new leads and allow you to advertise courses or consultancy services to our visitors and users for free.

However, Skills Platform can only promote your courses if all the necessary information for courses is available and up to date.

To make the most of your provider profile:

1. Make sure all bookable courses are complete, including dates, times, costs and contact details.

2. Ensure that your profile is up to date, ensuring that all introductions, pictures and accreditations are included.

Note: 95% of courses booked via the Skills Platform are with Providers with completed profiles, bookable courses and available dates!

Looking to further promote your course offerings? Email us your request to feature in our member communications here: