Mental Health

PMS vs PMDD, PME and PMAD: Combatting The Worst of PMS Symptoms

PMS symptoms are the worst but PMDD could be even worse. Menstrual related mood disorders are becoming more and more… Read More

5 May 2021

Mental Health Days – Rarely Taken, Desperately Needed

It’s an interesting concept that a day off can be taken without guilt for a headache, but if you’re having… Read More

8 July 2020

How to Stop Ruminating and Accept the Times We are in

Many people will be dealing with heightened stress and frustration as a result of the lockdown and, for some, these… Read More

18 May 2020

Looking after yourself

I’m sure that you didn’t enter the caring professions expecting things to be easy, but as the song goes ‘no-one… Read More

9 October 2018

Recognising and dealing with challenging behaviour

As you know, patients and their relatives can behave in a range of unpredictable and challenging ways - some can… Read More

13 August 2018

Skills Platform Top 7 – Brilliant Support Workers, Charity Digital and Mental Health

The Skills Platform Top 7 - A regular round up of top articles and news across the health & charity… Read More

9 November 2016

Teenage Mental Health: Let’s Not Go Backwards

Skills Platform product manager Dave Evans explores the issues surrounding mental health support for teenagers. I have read about the… Read More

4 December 2015