8th Jun, 2020

WorldHost 2020: Empowering Staff to Keep Customers Safe and Happy Beyond COVID-19

On Monday 8 June, People 1st International is launching WorldHost 2020, a bite-sized e-learning module which extends the globally recognised WorldHost customer service programme, to help businesses to maintain a positive reputation and increase customer confidence post-COVID-19.


As the world gradually returns to normal post the COVID-19 outbreak, what will the customer service landscape look and feel like? It is highly unlikely that life as we know it will return to normal immediately.

Empowering your staff to adapt their service to ever-changing needs and expectations not only promotes their safety along with your customers' but it helps you maintain a positive reputation whilst also driving consumer confidence and loyalty.


Who are People 1st?

People 1st International
are experts in professional development, specialising in providing consultancy services, technical vocational training and quality assurance for employers in the retail, hospitality and tourism industry. They pride themselves on having an innovative, human and transformative approach - training hundreds of thousands of individuals, supporting all scales of businesses, ranging from small start-ups through to large-scale events.


Our training content and delivery methods are informed by a proactive, insight-led strategy. We focus on what today’s customer wants and align this with strategic objectives, to achieve genuine, measurable results.

What is WorldHost?

is one of the solutions offered by People 1st, helping businesses provide a superior customer experience through world-class customer service training for their staff. It is already recognised for facilitating the execution of some of the most high profile global events including the London 2012 Olympics, Eurovision 2017 and most recently The Open 2019 in Portrush.




Reintegrate your customer service employees with WorldHost 2020

On Monday 8 June, they will be launching an extension to the programme, WorldHost 2020. The programme has been upgraded in order to equip front-line staff in customer-facing roles with the new skills required for working during the COVID-19 crisis.


Businesses will encounter a new set of ever-evolving challenges, many of which will need tackling by staff on the front line.

WorldHost 2020 is a bite-sized e-learning module aimed at any front-line staff who come into contact with and have regular interactions with customers, helping them to attune to the changing requirements for customer safety and industry demands during a pandemic.


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What are the benefits?

The 60-minute workshop is an engaging and interactive experience, looking through the eyes of multiple businesses to implement new ways of working. Easily accessible as e-learning, participants’ can quickly apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge, so your customers feel the benefits, fast.


WorldHost 2020 - Skills Platform

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“The programme is designed to reintegrate furloughed, redeployed and redundant customer-facing employees, giving them the new skills COVID-19 requires and enabling business leaders to reopen their doors with confidence.” 
- Jane Rexworthy, Executive Director

What does it cover?

WorldHost 2020 takes a look at life in a front-line service capacity post-COVID-19, exploring the key changes that you might encounter on a day-to-day basis. Through the eyes of multiple businesses, the programme will focus on three key aspects:

  • The physical working environment
  • People's behavioural changes
  • New health, safety and hygiene measures
Nobody can predict exactly what customer behaviours will be. However, as service professionals, we should be open-minded in our approach to implementing new ways of working and should continually strive to provide the highest standards of service to our customers.


There is a lot of information within this programme that can be applied to different working environments in multiple sectors. As you work your way through the programme, look for ideas, guidance and good practice that can be applied in your workplace. 

WorldHost 2020 - Skills Platform
Developing a simple understanding of these aspects will help you adapt the service you provide, supporting your customers' ever-changing needs and expectations.


This training program is developed in partnership with Skills for Health and approved by the Sector Skills Council for Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism of the UK and was localised to the Jordanian context by the Jordan Sector Skills Council for Hospitality and Tourism. It also meets the Professional Standard for Service Operators, developed by People 1st International using expert input from their employer-led boards across hospitality, retail, travel and aviation.

This was established to give businesses a point of reference to maintain new operating procedures and give them confidence that they have trained their employees to a standard that adheres to government guidelines, thus justifying their re-opening.


Want to empower your staff to keep customers and colleagues safe beyond Covid-19?

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Post last updated on 11/06/2020