Pressure Area Care & Tissue Viability

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Delivery Method: Virtual


The syllabus covers such topics as:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Definition and grading of pressure ulcers
  • Discover how the blanch test can detect early signs of skin damage and skin inspection
  • Identify those at greater risk of developing pressure ulcers
  • Describe common sites for pressure ulcers to develop
  • How to follow the agreed care plan
  • Materials, equipment and resources available to prevent and relieve pressure
  • How to apply standards and precautions of infection control
  • Understand the risk factor for pressure ulcers
  • Differentiate between pressure, shear and friction forces
  • Outline the role nutritional plays in the treatment and prevention of skin damage
  • Examine the latest ways of cleaning skin to avoid damage
  • Factors delaying the healing process

Dates available on arrangement

Acute Training Solutions Ltd can also create this course for you on arrangement either at your workplace or at one of their locations.

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