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Designed only to develop and grow businesses

We have a comprehensive list of training workshops designed and tailored specifically for businesses in the care sector. Our training is delivered to individuals/groups, from business owners, directors, Nominated Individuals, Registered Managers through to office staff. The workshops are developed by industry and business experts who understand the requirements of starting, running and growing your care business. We provide high quality, well-researched, pre-workshop reading material to ensure our delegates attain prior knowledge of the subject, ensuring the workshops are effective and engaging. We also provide ample post-workshop handouts and guides to cement your knowledge and for continual reference. Below are some of the works we provide.

How will you benefit?

  • Start your own care business or grow your own care business.
  • Boost your career prospects, internally or as an external professional
  • Develop transferable skills to change the way you lead and manage others
  • Work with and learn from leading experts
  • Receive lots of support - coaching, mentoring and supervision to catalyse your online learning
  • Personalise your learning to meet your development goals
  • Work flexibly at a time and pace of your choosing.

Workshops Contents?

We have broken the workshop into nine sections, to ensure we cover everything from starting up and registering your business, to recruiting carers and bringing on new clients.

  • Setting up your business
  • Finance, planning & legal requirements
  • Business planning
  • CQC registration
  • Care delivery
  • Company operations & team
  • Recruitment & compliance
  • Business operations
  • Business development, marketing & client acquisition

Workshops Outcome

Starting a care business can be incredibly rewarding, both from running a business with a social mission, but also generating a comfortable living. Although due to working with vulnerable people the care sector is heavily regulated, and there are lots of things to consider when setting up.

With over 17 years of consultancy experience in starting up, running and managing businesses in the social care sector, we understand the statutory requirement, the process of registration, the ins and outs of such businesses. We have experience in helping our clients get contracted with the local authorities, the NHS, CCG’s and the private sector. So, rest assured you will get the best practical advice and guidance for setting up and running a successful Semi-Independent living business. We are also aware of potential pitfalls you may face when running this type of business, thereby making sure you are well-prepared from the onset.

Temporary Staffing Agency

Home Care Agency / Domiciliary

Combined Temporary Staffing & Home Care Agency

Supported Living Service

Semi-Independent Living

Dates available on arrangement

Dita Consulting can also create this course for you on arrangement either at your workplace or at one of their locations.

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