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The Medication Management course is designed for staff working within a care environment. This course is in line with the National Minimum Standards Requirements and recent CQC guidelines. Candidates will gain an understanding of the legislation involved with administration of medication, along with being able to follow procedures set for safe administration of medication.

Course Overview
This course has been designed to enable you to handle, administer and understand how medication acts in the body and on major organs. It will also allow you to identify some potential side effects and adverse drug reactions that service users could experience and how to manage them. It will give you the opportunity to undertake a variety of drug calculations, to ensure that opportunities of dosage errors are minimised.

1. Introduction
By completing this section, you will establish what is in the course itself and the learning outcomes of fully completing this online learning module.

2. Key Terms
Understand some of the key technical terms that play a crucial role in ensuring that medicines are dispensed and administered safely and correctly. The terms that will be reviewed will relate to drugs in the body, they are:

  • Therapeutic Index
  • Half Life
  • Steady State
  • Potency

3. Legislation and Medication (including Care Regulators)
This section will teach you awareness of the law and legislation relating to medication and medication management. You will also become aware of the Care Regulators for each part of the UK and what regulations service providers are governed by to maintain their registrations.

4. What is a medicine?
You will be aware of what is a medicine and a drug, how they are categorised and approved, as well as the correct naming and use of names when referring to medications that are in use within your working environments.

5. Prescriptions and Prescribers
Within this section you will learn about prescribers and prescriptions from across the United Kingdom. You will gain a knowledge of Patient Group Directives (PGD), the role of the Pharmacist and the use of a Homely Remedies or Symptomatic Relief Protocols that might be used in your clinical practice area.

6. Administration of Medicines
Understand the awareness of the 5 rights of medicines administration, as well as some of the common directions given for medication administration. You will also be aware of some of the routes of administering medicines that you may practice within your working environment.

7. Administration of Medicines (practical methods)
This demonstrates awareness of some of the different forms of medications administration, and how independence can be promoted with your service users if some of these methods are utilised.

8. How medicines act on the body
Gain knowledge towards:

  • Explain in broad terms how drugs act on the body
  • Identify the areas of the body involved in the mechanisms of medication effects

9.The heart, lungs, brain and GI tract
This section will look briefly at the major organs of the body. We will look at:

  • How they work
  • How they are affected by some medications

For each organ, we will discuss its:

  • Physiology (normal function)
  • Pathology (abnormal function)
  • Pharmacology (medications commonly affecting that organ and any potential adverse effects)

10. The liver and kidneys
The main focus of this section is the review of two key organs in the body in terms of dealing with medication, the liver and the kidneys. It will also look at the role of enzymes in dealing with medicines.

11. Side Effects and adverse drug reactions
Learn more about:

  • Some well-known side effects of commonly used medications
  • The term Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR)
  • The two types of ADR and their differences
  • The action to take if an ADR is suspected and affecting a service user in your care

12. Drug interactions
An in-depth look at another serious problem that can arise form the use of medication - Drug Interactions.
It will look at:

  • The definition of drug interaction
  • The relationship between the structure of drugs and their activity
  • Identifying drugs commonly involved in interactions, including those bought over the counter

13. Age and drugs
How an individual's age - whether they are very young or very old can affect the medication they use.

14. Accountability and responsibility
This section will look at the accountability and responsibility of medication administration processes.

15. Drug calculations
A look over the various methods of drug calculations that could be needed in clinical practice

      Exams and Accreditation features:

        • This course is accredited by The CPD Group.
        • Our Online test will be multiple choice. You can retake the test at no extra cost to improve your grade.
        • An accredited certificate is awarded upon completion which enable you to obtain certified CPD hours.

        E-Learning Format

        This eLearning is accessed through a dedicated learner portal. Your course material is presented in an interactive and easy to follow presentation enabling you to study at your own pace.

        The course is divided into simple sections with a short quiz at the end of each to test your knowledge. Once you have progressed through each of the course sections you can complete an end of course quiz which consists of multiple-choice questions based on the material that you have studied.

        Once you have passed the course you can download your fully accredited CPD certificate (PDF format) directly from your learning account.

        Duration and Time Limit

        The course takes approximately 3 Hours to complete, although there is no time limit and you can do it in your own time and in stages.


        • 100% Pass Rate.
        • Easy to complete.
        • Improve your career prospects.
        • Learn valuable knowledge, skills, advice and guidance to help you achieve success.
        • Study online from anywhere.
        • Study at your own pace.
        • Download and print your accredited CPD certificate on successful completion.

        Course Compatibility

        All our courses are fully compatible with PC’s, Mac’s, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone devices.

        We know that more and more people are using the web whilst they are on the move, so we have designed our courses to be fully compatible across tablet and smartphone devices.

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