Iron supplementation during pregnancy - Free Online Nursing Course

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Iron supplementation during pregnancy

Iron deficiency affects many pregnant women in the UK, posing risks to both mum and baby. Treatment with oral iron supplements can lead to side effects that result in non-adherence in up to half of patients.1 UK guidelines on the management of iron deficiency during pregnancy highlight the need for further research to define optimal management. This free CPD module - for nurses - brings you up to date with the latest research.

Learning objectives

After studying this module you should:

  • Understand the biological basis of RhD incompatibility.
  • Appreciate when fetal blood may enter the maternal circulation, thereby ‘sensitising’ the woman’s immune system to produce anti-D antibodies.
  • Be aware of when and how anti-D prophylaxis should be administered, and the role of NIPT in guiding its use.

Next steps

  • Read the clinical review
  • Complete the online assessment
  • Receive CPD certificate


Reviewed by: Nicky Clark | Head of Midwifery and Child/Lead Midwife for Education/Senior Lecturer, University of Hull | Chair of the NMCLME Strategic Reference Group | RM, RGN, ADM, Cert Ed (Adults), MA

This learning module can be used towards CPD for revalidation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and General Medical Council (GMC).

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