Excessive infant crying - Free learning for the pharmacy team

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Excessive Infant Crying

While all babies cry, some do so excessively and inconsolably. In an otherwise healthy, thriving baby, this might be due to colic. Although not itself a cause for concern, colic is distressing for parents, and may be an indicator of future health issues. Using a clinically tested probiotic for babies may help alleviate the gastrointestinal component of colic. But can probiotics reduce crying, and what should parents look for when selecting the right one for their baby?

What will you learn from this free module:

  • Have a deeper understanding of how an immature gut might contribute to infantile colic
  • Understand how some probiotics can be used to improve gut health and target an important component of colic
  • Know how to identify which probiotics might be useful for treating colicky babies

How long will this course take to complete:
This free module can be completed in 15 minutes.

This module is suitable for the pharmacy team including Pharmacy Assistants, Medicine Counter Assistants and Dispensing staff.

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