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Emergency First Response Training Course – Annual Refresher

Annual refresher and emergency first response training course

If you require a professionally delivered emergency first response training course to ensure you have the skills required to deal with an unresponsive individual in your care – either as a first time learner or as an annual refresher – Guardian Angels offers a comprehensive and high quality service.

Basic life support and emergency first response training is essential for any healthcare workers and as such our course has been primarily designed for organisations within this industry, but it can also be a life-saving tool for any individual who wishes to be trained to respond effectively in an emergency.

Our wound care and tissue viability training is delivered by NHS tissue viability nurse specialists, and aimed at delegates with some existing, basic knowledge in the subject, who wish to improve their skills and knowledge of wound types, pressure sores and skin deterioration, assessment, treatment, monitoring, recording and much more.

Why is first responder training so important?

When presented with an unresponsive casualty, you need to act quickly in order to minimise the risk of further injury, damage or death – even just a few seconds can make all the difference.

Delivered by qualified experts with firsthand experience in administering basic life support in real-life situations, our emergency first response training will teach you how to approach, assess and manage an unconscious person who may be:

  • Breathing normally
  • Breathing abnormally
  • Not breathing

Even if you’ve previously completed first aid training, it’s recommended that you undertake an annual refresher course in order to ensure your knowledge is completely up-to-date. With changes to resuscitation guidelines being periodically issued, your emergency life support training may become invalid if you fail to regularly re-train.

What's covered in our emergency first response training course?

Our doctors, nurses and paramedic trainers will guide you through the essential, immediate actions required to effectively attend to an unresponsive patient.

With both theoretical and practical learning processes, you’ll cover subjects such as:

Please note: training is only available to employers such as...

  • Arriving at the scene
  • Casualty assessment using the ABCDE approach
  • Top-to-toe survey
  • Recovery position
  • Resuscitation
  • Hygiene control

Course duration

Our Annual Refresher and Emergency First Response training course is completed in one day, over a 3 hour session, at a time and location that suits you.

Assessment and certification

This course doesn’t include a formal assessment process – instead, delegates are monitored and assessed throughout the course and the featured practical tasks.

Upon successful completion of the annual refresher and emergency first response training course, you’ll receive a certificate to verify your competency which will remain valid for 1 year.

Please note: this emergency first responder training course is only available to employers such as...

  • NHS Trusts
  • CCGs
  • Care providers
  • Independent hospitals

...that can provide training facilities onsite for groups of 4 - 12 delegates per training session.

If you require further information about the various wound care courses and tissue viability training we can deliver, please contact our team who will be happy to offer their assistance.

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