TAP Certificate in Implementing Online Learning

TAP Certificate in Implementing Online Learning

This innovative programme will help team leaders or managers to implement e-Learning effectively in their organisation. The programme covers the development of an online learning strategy, technical infrastructure, managing projects, effective marketing and evaluating the success of learning solutions.

Benefits to the delegate

Enables reflection on the current L&D strategy and identification of any gaps

Writing SMART objectives in line with business drivers

Analysing the skills required to implement strategy and determine which of these they already have, which need to be developed and which are best resourced externally

Determining the most appropriate technical infrastructure, including authoring tools, learning management systems, web-conferencing systems etc

Identifying the key stakeholders and developing a plan to build stakeholder commitment

Managing content development projects to consistently meet targets for quality, time and cost

Developing a marketing and evaluation plan

Benefits to the organisation

Enables development of an online learning strategy that is aligned to business drivers

Identifies the technical infrastructure requirements to support the strategy

Improves the probability of a superior ROI on the e-Learning strategy being achieved

Enables evaluation of outcomes to support continuous review and improvement and further strategic investment

Who is it for?

Managers or team leaders who have a responsibility to implement online learning solutions in their organisations.


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