Huntington's Disease Awareness

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Delivery Method: Distance

This course will give an essential understanding of Huntington's Disease for new and experienced care workers or family members wishing to know more about the condition. The aims of this unit are to understand more about the following:
• What is Huntington’s Disease?
• Who is affected?
• Causes of Huntington’s Disease
• Symptoms of Huntington’s Disease - early symptoms and advanced symptoms
• Diagnosing Huntington’s Disease?
• Treatment and support services
• How you can help the individual with Huntington’s Disease in the following areas:

  • a. If the individual has difficulty eating and swallowing
  • b. If the individual starts to choke
  • c. If the individual has communication/speech difficulties
  • d. If the individual has behavioural changes

• Huntington’s Disease Future Planning

Distance Learning course comes with a Huntington's Disease Awareness Study Guide for you to keep, a worksheet to submit your answers for marking, Learner Information Form and a prepaid return envelope. Simply return your Learner Information form and worksheet in the prepaid envelope and if you have reached the required pass rate you will receive (within 4 weeks) your marked worksheet, feedback on your answers from our distance learning department and a certificate of achievement.

We recommend you complete the course within one month. You can get additional support or ask questions through a dedicated distance learning email address.

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