Tissue Viability

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This course will give you an essential understanding of tissue viability and pressure sores whether you are a new or experienced care worker or family carer. The aims of this unit are to understand more about the following:
• The functions and structure of the skin and how it is made up.
• What is ‘tissue viability’?
• What is a pressure sore?
• Pressure sore grading
• Risk areas for pressure sores.
• What causes pressure sores to develop? (Intrinstic and Extrinsic factors)
• What are the signs to look and feel for?
• Tissue viability assessment tools
• Preventing pressure sores
• Health Care Professionals who can be involved in support
• Treatment and care of a pressure sore

Distance Learning course comes with a Tissue Viability Study Guide for you to keep, a worksheet to submit your answers for marking, Learner Information Form and a prepaid return envelope. Simply return your Learner Information form and worksheet in the prepaid envelope and if you have reached the required pass rate you will receive (within 4 weeks) your marked worksheet, feedback on your answers from our distance learning department and a certificate of achievement.

We recommend you complete the course within one month. You can get additional support or ask questions through a dedicated distance learning email address.

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