TAP e-QUAL Programme

TAP e-QUAL Programme

How will the TAP e-QUAL Programme benefit the organisation?

reduces time and cost by developing e-Learning in-house

gives internal control over a robust yet pragmatic Quality Assurance process

enables benchmarking to the best-practice TAP e-Learning Design Guidelines

enables externally resourced content to be quality assessed before procurement or acceptance

enables a consistent design process for e-Learning modules

enables credible external Accreditation of e-Learning Designs

builds learners’ engagement and motivation to sustain their self-study learning

increases learning effectiveness and its impact on workplace practice

enhances the overall quality and credibility of L&D service provision

leverages specialist external expertise from The Training Foundation to enhance internal capability

How will participating in the e-QUAL Programme benefit the delegates?

learn best-practice e-Learning design skills enabling them to develop engaging, high-quality content themselves

achieve the prestigious TAP Certificate in e-Learning Design

acquire the competence and confidence to assess e-Learning content to best-practice and achieve Certified TAP e-QUAL Assessor recognition

collaborate with, share experiences and learn from other delegates on the Programme

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