The NextGen Manager Programme

The NextGen Manager Programme

In recent years, our understanding of what it takes to bring out the best in people has been revolutionised by startling discoveries from neuroscience. However, management training still tends to follow the last-century command and control paradigm. Unless this changes it will increasingly be the case that 'people join companies and leave managers.'

This course will help managers develop a better appreciation of how they are coming across to their team and prompt them to make any necessary behavioural adjustments. It will help them develop the skills to create an engaging workshop climate and build trust-based relationships with each team member, so as to develop and bring out the best in them and enhance team performance.

Benefits to the delegate

Expands their understanding of employee engagement and its impact on effort and performance, and what is required to build an engaging workplace climate

Develops the skills required to build trust-based relationships with each team member

Fosters recognition of how their management practice may be affecting team engagement and performance, and helps build interpersonal skills

Benefits to the organisation

Increases employee engagement levels, resulting in positive impact on productivity, sickness absence, attrition, innovation and customer advocacy

Improves the atmosphere of the workplace by showing that employee well-being is important, that people are appreciated for their contribution and being developed to achieve their full potential

Complements and adds value to internal performance management processes by stimulating team members to take responsibility for their own performance

Who is it for?

All managers and team leaders with responsibility for managing people and/or projects.



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