Supporting Life After Stroke

Stroke Association
Delivery Method: Face-to-face
There are over 1.1 million stroke survivors in the UK. More than half of these people have a disability and need support. As the leading UK wide stroke charity, we understand the needs, challenges and aspirations of people affected by stroke.

Course outline To fully understand the complex nature of stroke we have developed a three day programme of 15 modules that cover the stroke pathway. This training course covers the second 5 of 15 modules, and can be undertaken without completing other courses

6. The stroke care pathway

Knowledge of the stroke pathway can ensure that survivors receive the best possible care. This module provides an understanding of where the professionals should be involved, their responsibilitiy and how to signpost to them.

 7. Vision and sensory impact

 Visual problems and altered sensation can impair a survivors ability to perform everyday tasks. This module gives an awareness of problems that could occur, and what support can be given.

8. Physical needs post stroke

Understanding the effect of stroke on movement, muscle tone, the different physical difficulties and importance of effective positioning to help improve a survivor’s day to day care.

9. Family, carers and relationships

This module reflects on the feelings of the Stroke Associations report on ‘Feeling overwhelmed’ which found that caring gets harder as time goes by. We look at the impact of stroke on the whole family, the awareness of the carers needs and how it can effect relationships.

10. Cognitive effects of stroke

This module explores the cognitive impairment of stroke and aims to provide understanding, empathy, coping strategies and engagement to help maintain an active lifestyle for the survivor.

Who should take this course?

This course is open to all who work with stroke survivors, including acute nurses, care home & domiciliary carers etc

Dates available on arrangement

Stroke Association can also create this course for you on arrangement either at your workplace or at one of their locations.

The modular courses are comprised of 15 modules - which can be selected to suit your service, or we can provide all 15 over 3 days to cover the whole of the stroke care pathway - providing your staff with best practice knowledge and skills.
Our non-profit courses are priced at £800 per day for up to 20 people, which is £40 per head.
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