Diploma in Project, Research and Study Skills (Level 6)

Delivery Method: e-Learning
Aims of Programme

This programme is to enhance your research skills and may be for understanding and developing skills needed for higher education courses, or for refreshing skills required in the workplace. It aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake graduate level research and provides the experience of planning and completing an original research project.

Structure of Programme

There are two units within this programme; one focuses on research methods and the skills involved in undertaking a research project, while the other involves the application of these skills. It is estimated that 120 hours of learning are needed for this programme.  There may be more time involved in carrying out the research project, depending on how the data is being collected.

Unit           Title                                       Credit

 1         Major Project                                  30

 2         Research Methods and Study Skills   10


Mode of Delivery

This is a part-time course. To fulfil the requirements for the Diploma, students must complete both units.  The knowledge is provided through an online-based course with a dedicated tutor, or alternatively through a one day workshop. Application of this knowledge is through a 1000 word proposal and the presentation of a project, or dissertation. This may be in formal written format of 7,000 – 10,000 words or through oral presentation in a conference setting. Throughout the programme all students will have regular tutorials to monitor progress.


Entry Requirements

Learners must be aged 18 and above. International students should have a minimum B2 level of English (IELTS 5.5 or ESOL Level 1).


This course provides students with the research training required in preparation for a Master’s degree or a PhD. It also allows students to prepare work for submission for publication in a journal or to present a paper at a conference.


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