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There is a lawful requirement for every licensed premises to make sure that they have an age verification policy relating to the supply of alcohol on their premises. This online age verification training course enables you to complete the legal requirement by providing you with a “model age verification policy” and by detailing each of the procedures you need to follow in order to verify the age and I.D. of younger and younger looking customers.

Learning Outcomes: This course will cover the following topics; Current law on age verification for alcohol sales, How to go about challenging for proof of age, Exactly what a policy on age verification should say, How to make the decision to ask for proof of age, Explaining why you are asking for a proof of age, Identifying which proofs of age are and are not acceptable, Some common conflict scenarios, Procedures for putting the policy into practice, Refusing a proxy sale of alcohol, How you should deal with an angry or abusive customer who won’t take no for an answer, Techniques to adopt if the customer won’t accept a refusal to serve, Your exit from a high-risk situation, The consequences for failing to implement a policy on age verification for the sale of alcohol

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