Blood Transfusion Awareness

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Delivery Method: eLearning

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This session aims to provide learners who are not directly involved in the blood transfusion process with a broad understanding of topics such as blood groups, when blood transfusions may be clinically required, the risks and benefits of blood transfusions and the alternative treatments available. 

Course Content
  • Module 1: Blood Transfusion Awareness 
  • Module 2: Assessment

This session aims to help healthcare staff learn about: 

  • Different blood groups 
  • The reasons why blood transfusions are clinically necessary. 
  • The risks and benefits associated with blood transfusions. 
  • The alternative treatments available if the person refuses a blood transfusion. 
  • The potential adverse side effects and the things all healthcare staff should be aware of when caring for someone who has had a blood transfusion. 
  • An overview of the key checks clinical staff have to take prior to administering a blood transfusion 

The session also aims to help healthcare staff learn how they can discuss blood transfusions with the people in their care if necessary. 

What will learners get out of it?
  • Name the different blood groups and describe why it is important that people get the correct blood group in a blood transfusion. 
  • List different types of blood products and name at least one purpose of each type of blood product
  • Describe how someone’s blood group is determined. 
  • Explain why blood transfusions are sometimes clinically necessary. 
  • Briefly describe the risks and benefits associated with blood transfusions. 
  • Describe alternatives to blood transfusions – for example, oral iron tablets. 
  • Briefly describe the process associated with collecting a blood sample, collecting a blood bag from the blood storage point and administering it to a patient – including key checks clinical staff must make and why. 
  • Briefly describe the concerns patients may have about receiving a blood transfusion. 
  • Explain why it is important to gain the patient’s consent for a blood transfusion and the reasons why some patients may refuse this treatment.
Who is this course for?

Staff who are not directly involved in blood sampling, the decision to transfuse or administering blood transfusions. Healthcare staff who are specifically involved in the blood transfusion process will receive more specialised training and this may include completing the Blood Transfusion eLearning hosted on the eLearning for Healthcare portal. Speak to your line manager or learning and development lead if you think this applies to you. 


Learning progress and test results can be tracked by managers for internal development and learners can keep a certificate of completion for CPD.


This session meets some of the outcomes of the core/clinical framework that have been selected for this audience


75 mins


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