Your Healthcare Career

Skills for Health
Delivery Method: e-Learning

This session covers the learning outcomes in both the Understand Your Role and Your Personal Development in the Care Certificate.

This content aims to encourage learners, particularly those who are new to healthcare, to reflect on their role and various aspects of their role, including codes of conduct, working with colleagues, developing their skills through shadowing and mentoring, and the importance of raising concerns within their organisations or with relevant supervisory bodies.

This session makes use of reflective learning techniques and encourages learners to use the reflective note-making facility to consider the different aspects of their careers.

Who is this course for?

Any clinical or non-clinical staff, including unpaid and voluntary staff.


Because of the wide variety of healthcare roles, there is no assessment in this course as the session deals primarily with the individual’s role.

Care Certificate

The course is aligned with the Care Certificate


25 minutes

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